LifeSmartConcepts, LLC. - Service Areas

Senior Companion Care Services Include:

Senior Travel Companion Services

Professional travel companion services for seniors and adults with disabilities who want to live an active, engaged life. Travel hassle-free with the help of a LifeSmart travel companion.

Helping seniors remain active and mobile. We engage in physical, mental, and social exercise that promotes healthy aging.

Mental And Physical Exercise For Seniors
Special Occasion & Event Companion For Seniors

We provide a companion that understands and will make any event special. Attend special occasions as a companion for seniors and eliminate loneliness and boredom.

Every step of the way. We’ll prepare you for your appointment, accompany you to it and ensure that it goes smoothly.

Senior Health and Social Care Appointments
Errands and Chores for Seniors

Time-saving, hassle-free services for seniors who need a little help with everyday tasks. You don’t have to worry about your home or other errands anymore. Our professional and friendly staff are available when you need them.