Providing concierge and travel companion services in Denver for older adults, sharing stories from years of experience.

As a provider of care, concierge and travel companion services for older adults, I have accumulated a lot of different stories based on my years of experience in this field. Aging is something that we are all engaged in from birth to death. There are some who are older, some who are younger. No matter the age we’re all moving in the same direction. Life looks differently as we grow older so I decided to take this opportunity to share some of my stories and experiences and invite you, my readers, to share the same. I hope you enjoy the content and certainly would appreciate and welcome your feedback. Some of my posts will be humorous, some more serious. I can’t promise they’ll always be fun or funny or always interesting in a way that resonates with you. I’ll put it out there and let you decide.

So without any further ado, I’d like to present and introduce to you, my new feature, “Something to Consider...” That said, I thought I’d start us out with a post courtesy Contreda L., Desoto, TX:

WELL...Unfortunately, the cost of living has finally affected me financially. In order to offset the extra cost for food, electricity, etc. I need to make some extra money on the is what it is. Here’s to my new venture. So...I am very proud to announce that I am selling ADULT TOYS.

I hope no one will feel embarrassed to ask for them. I have all kinds, sizes, and styles according to your needs. I can send pictures and dimensions etc. Just ask. Discretion is guaranteed!! Ask for yours anytime. I have everything listed below:

  • - Walkers
  • - Wheelchairs
  • - Oxygen tanks
  • - Walking sticks
  • - Adult diapers
  • - Teeth adhesive
  • - Heating pads and more

We all need a good laugh.

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