Reach Out in Kindness

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Kindness is the key to helping us get to the other side of this pandemic. I'd like to share an article written by one of my fellow SendoutCards affiliates, Shelley J. For your consideration. Read and heed:

“Recently on FaceBook, I happened upon a kindly gentleman (an octogenarian for sure) who was being coaxed to recite his poem:

A smile can be very contagious
You can catch it like the flu
Someone smiled at me today
I started smiling too.
When I went around the corner
This guy seen my grin
When he started smilin'
I knew I passed it on to him.

Then I got to thinking
Just what a smile is worth,
A smile like ours could travel
All around the earth.
So if you feel a smile coming on
Don't keep it undetected
Smile at someone next to you
And we'll get the whole darn world infected!

I like to think that his is very good advice! In fact, as we work our way through this pandemic, I've noted that there are more and more messages in commercials and from businesses for us to reach out in kindness - in whatever small way - to others during these times. This is hardly new advice as we know from our spiritual teachings. What's new is how broadly kindness is being promoted. Scientific research has long demonstrated and confirmed the benefits of being kind both for the giver and the receiver.

Since its inception, the mission of SendoutCards has been to provide a tool for others to reach out in kindness. And, while we must remain physically distanced from our family and friends, we need not be emotionally disconnected. We can still do small and random acts of kindness - a smile, a Zoom/FaceTime/Skype call, a card. In fact, an act of kindness can be an antidote for isolation and depression.

With SendoutCards, you are only a click away from sending a personalized greeting card in the mail either from your computer or smartphone. You can convert your well wishes into a tangible greeting card that will have a far greater and lasting impact than a fleeting post on a social media. By making it easy and affordable, SendoutCards allows us to be more intentional about being kind.

Mother's Day is May 10th. It's a perfect time to reach out to the many mothers who touch our lives - whether personally or professionally. WHY NOT expand your circle of appreciation at Mother's Day? Who could use a heartfelt card from you "just because"? Now is the perfect time to open and use your SendoutCards account!"

Don't have an account? You can try SendoutCards and send a free card on me by clicking on the following link: For those of you who are technology shy, I am offering to send a card on your behalf. You need only contact me and together we will send a personal card from you to your special someone. I will even upload a picture if you have one.

Stay healthy!
Let's infect the world with KINDNESS!!! Cheryl

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