Common Mistakes People Make With Elderly Care Services

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As your loved ones grow old, it becomes challenging for them to deal with daily activities like personal hygiene, dressing, food preparation, mobility, transportation, medication management, and more. This is just a small list of the many responsibilities added on to you, but it can be a lot to handle as your own obligations grow. In such a situation, hiring a professional caregiver will give not only respite but also ensure your loved ones receive the dedicated attention they need.

However, some elders are too reluctant to ask for help, and this ignorance can put their health at risk instead of improving it. To help change this mindset and avoid basic errors that could negatively impact your aging loved one’s quality of life, LifeSmartConcepts, LLC has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make with elderly care services.

1. Being in denial
Like many elderly individuals, your loved one may be in denial that they even need help. They may refuse to acknowledge that they aren’t who they used to be, can’t do what they used to do, and focus only on what they know from yesteryear’s information. Similarly, in their minds, they want to be in control of everything. But, if they continue on this path, it may be a recipe for disaster later on. Common issues such as health and legal matters are often ignored, and they may tend to focus on minor issues and topics to avoid the discussion about these and more pertinent concerns. If you notice that your loved one cannot cope with daily activities, you need to intercede and help them understand that they require help.

2. Being unwilling to pay
We have come across some seniors who are unwilling to pay for services by legitimate providers who can assess the level of need and coordinate the necessary care plan and services needed. If you or your loved one displays such behavior, it may prevent them from obtaining the valuable assistance they need with some of their basic needs.

3. Procrastinating
Another mistake is delaying organizing legal and financial affairs such as estate planning, wills, funeral arrangements, living wills, etc. Failing to do so may lead to hefty taxes, legal ties up for the wealth they have worked hard for all these years. To protect and manage their wealth while they can, they need to seek the necessary assistance. If possible, nudge them gently in the right direction by having a conversation with them about this.

4. Trusting people who are not “qualified” to help
Most seniors rely on information from the internet, television, neighbors, etc., instead of qualified professionals. Whether it’s you who needs assistance or your elderly loved one, you want to make sure that the advice and help being given is sound and that neither you nor they are being taken advantage of (phone scams, bank scams, etc.).

To avoid these and other mistakes, reach out to the experts at LifeSmartConcepts, LLC. As a leading home health care and companion care in Denver, CO, we take pride in helping our senior clients and providing them the absolute best level of care. We also offer a range of companion services suited for our elderly clients, including companion care, special occasions and events, customized services to meet your needs, and travel companions.

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