Shifting Gears From 55 To 100+

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During the past few months our organization has dealt with several challenges presented by the pandemic. Many people have been house bound, some working at home, others unable to go for medical care, care providers unable to present face to face with clients, etc. Our goal throughout has been to adapt and provide our clients with the best possible service.

Our job revolves around us working with people and it is not something we can do remotely. It required us to take extra precautions, using masks, gloves, other safety apparel because most of our clients were older adults at highest risk for COVID-19. We tested weekly to assure our safety as well as our clients’ safety.

At the beginning of the pandemic many rules and regulations were made sometimes daily which required us to be attentive and adaptable. As more people have received the vaccines, we are slowly regaining the ability to meet face to face with clients and establish the ongoing assistance that they so desperately need.

Currently we are seeing people reconnect with their loved ones, friends, and family. Many people are rethinking their future because of the pandemic. They question how they want life to look for them and consider what they must do now to accomplish that. We find that people want to be taken care of by people they know, like, and trust. That said, we expect to have more people contacting us because of our reputation as a woman owned business with integrity, consistency, dedication, and quality service.

We reassure clients that safety is our number one priority. We follow protocols as issued by the CDC to assure that clients are protected, feel safe and are cared for. Our staff are fully vaccinated.

While there were many changes taking place, our work hours remained constant. We continued to work the same number of hours to assure proper coverage for our clients. We have many in-person meetings with clients and are willing to travel to meet them if both sides follow the rules. We make sure the people we meet and coordinate wear masks and maintain social distance whenever possible.

At LifeSmartConcepts, LLC, we provide day-to-day, event and travel companion care services to our clients. We assist our clients with Senior Home Care Services so their families can feel happy and secure. We support older adults who want to live an active, engaged life. We work with clients to create a good experience, and we sort out the challenges that make their lives difficult.

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